Restaurant Manager

at a North Indian Non Veg Restaurant as FULL-TIME

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Once you Click SEND APPLICATION the restaurant owner will contact you , then please talk to the restaurant owner clearly regarding your Salary ( Weekly or bi-weekly) , Working Hours, Break Timings, Job description and other matters, Please confirm to the restaurant owner clearly if you are willing to join or you need some more time to decide , GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NEW JOB !

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  • Location:

    Seattle, WA
  • Salary:

    Above Market Standard
  • Experience:

  • Salary Type:

    Bi Weekly
  • Restaurant Open Time:

  • Restaurant Close Time:

  • Need In:

    With in 2 Weeks
  • Accommodation:

  • Notice Period:

    15 Days

Restaurant overview:

About this Restaurant:

We have a new concept coming up for our Fremont location. We need a full kitchen team of 4 who can efficiently run the new restaurant concept of contemporary Indian cuisine.

Job Description:

I need a manager who can manage my new upcoming fine dining restaurant in Seattle Washington. I also want this person to be a sommelier/manager of this establishment. This person needs to be a wine expert and can manage the establishment well at the same time.