Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is is a simple and easy to use tool that connects Indian restaurant chefs/employees with Indian restaurant owners. is a two way bridge between the Indian restaurant employees and the Indian restaurant owners, helps the Indian Chefs get a job ASAP.

How much I have to pay to use ? is absolutely free to use for Indian Chefs.

How does make money? charges the Indian restaurant owners for job post for providing this amazing and easy to use tool.

Who created ?

Tadka Chef is Created by a team of experienced Indian Chefs who’s vision is to solve Indian restaurant staffing problem.

Indian chefs who has the exact same story as most of you have.

Indian origin , DHMCT, Humble background, Hard work.

What information I need to give in

The only information collects are your Name, Phone number and Email.

Do I need to give my Date of birth, Passport number or home address?

NO. will never collect sensitive information like your Date of birth, passport number or home address.

Is my information safe with ? is 100 times more safer than a WhatsApp or Facebook groups. is a very safe and secured Website, we build the website with your information safety in mind, data is protected with the most advanced technologies in the industry.

How do I get my salary if I get a job thru

You get your salary the same way you get now.

The restaurant owner will pay you directly as usual. So while talking to the restaurant owner over the phone before you travel to the new job location , talk about the salary part clearly.

Do I get accommodation if I apply thru

Almost all Indian restaurants provide accommodation in general except few metro cities like LA, NYC etc.

Each Job posts are unique and will have the accommodation info on it, recommends chefs/employees to talk those terms clearly over the phone before you travel to the new job location.

How long it takes for me to get a job if I apply thru ? will try to get you a job as early as possible , sometimes it may take few days, it all depends on your skills and market availability.

I am in India or Dubai or Malaysia, can I signup for

No ! TadkaChef is for the Indian chefs/staff who live in USA only

I am a Chef and not a techie, is easy to use ?

It’s very very easy to use ,If you know how to use facebook or uber then you can definitely use

After applying for a job how long should I wait to get a new job?

If you don’t receive a call more than 2 days assume the owner may have already hired someone, so keep applying for other jobs which suits your skills

What if the restaurant owner promise a different salary amount in the phone call and pay me a different salary amount after I work for a week ?

Please discuss about the salary amount very clearly with the restaurant owner before you go to the New job location, will not involve in any disputes between an Indian chef and a Restaurant owner, but you can definitely report the incident in the contact us page,’s automated system will make a note of the incident and use it in the future hiring.

How long should I serve notice period ?

In general most restaurants have a 1 week notice period. But It’s a matter of discussion between the Chef/Employee and the owner, Please discuss about the notice period very clearly before you travel to the new job location.

How about the catering money ?

In general most restaurants pay a 10% incentive for catering orders more than $ 200 for the whole kitchen team . But It’s a matter of discussion between the Chef/Employee and the owner, Please discuss about the catering money very clearly before you travel to the new job location.

I’ m a Nepali, Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan can I sign up for ? do not restrict anyone from signing up , as serves Indian restaurant niche most users are naturally chefs who are specialized in Indian cuisine, Indian Cooking styles, Tandoor Cuisine etc. and people who own or manage Indian restaurant.

If you have Indian restaurant work experience you have more chances of finding a job .

You are welcome to apply.

What are the options available for me as an employee to make extra money? provides multiple options for chefs/employees to make extra money check this.

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