1.Tadkachef.com hires for you


Though tadkachef.com is an extremely easy to use tool where the restaurant owners can hire chefs/staffs themselves, some of the restaurant owners may need some help to do the talking.

So, if you are one of the restaurant owners who want tadkachef to do the talking and hire the best chef of your choice.

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2. Looking for a talented chef to run your Indian restaurant as a working partner

As an Indian restaurant owner, you basically sell food, that is your product.

Food taste plays a primary role in the success of your business, Indian Chefs are the one who produces tasty Indian food.

So naturally, a good, experienced and talented chef with a positive attitude is very much essential for your restaurant.

Some of them are already extremely talented head chefs, and they believe they are ready for the next level and thinking of starting their own restaurant but they may be a little hesitant to do that for various reasons like.

  • No idea about the official legal works involved in a restaurant opening.
  • No idea about Accounting & Marketing in the business.
  • No idea in case of an emergency and they may have to leave to India.

Maybe they are the best chef but in other areas of the Indian restaurant business they think they may need to learn more.

In general, every talented person will have these kinds of hurdles on their way. If you want to make use of these talented chefs’ skills for your business, sign up with this option.

Tadkachef will find a matching partner, a talented chef who can get things done, a partner of your choice, tadkachef believes every talented chef deserves to go to the next level.

Tadka chef will guide you with the partnership process,

  • A lot of Investors have enough money but less time and experience to do a restaurant business.
  • A lot of chefs are skilled, experienced and talented but have less money.

If you are looking for a working partner or interested in investing in talented Indian chefs dream project.

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3.Urgent Hiring

“An Indian restaurant in need is tadka chef indeed”

Indian restaurant business is a hands-on business, that means you need all hands in the team at all times in case if you are running short of one or 2 team members, tadka chef will immediately find someone for you.

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4.Catering help

A pleasant surprise! you are getting a catering order for 300 or 1000 people from an association or a wedding party in a weekend and you have only enough team members to run the regular restaurant operations, don’t hesitate to take that order.

We got you covered TadkaChef will provide you with that extra hand you really need.

To get help.

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5.Vacation help


A couple of Indian chefs planning to go on a vacation from the east coast to West coast or Boston to Florida, now tadka chef will help you get a temporary replacement during the vacation time, we have a bunch of travelling Indian chefs who would love to cook across all the 50 American states.

Happy vacation chefs!.

To get vacation Chef.

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6.Kitchen Setup team

The food production area is the most important area in the whole restaurant, especially if your kitchen workflow is set properly you won’t have any food delays in the future during busy hours that means a very good kitchen workflow architecture means Faster cooking & Serving time.

Most people hear "commercial Indian kitchen" and think of cooking ranges, Dosa Tawa, Kadai fryer, and maybe a very angry chef shouting out orders. That may be the case, but the optimal commercial Indian kitchen is much more than just the equipment or team members found in it.

A successful restaurant kitchen includes specific components organized in a particular pattern to optimize performance and efficiency.

There is no one single solution for all Indian kitchen layout. Every foodservice establishment is unique and will operate differently than others, so you have to decide what will help you best meet your kitchen goals. That said, there are several basic commercial kitchen design layouts to consider that succeed in blending solid kitchen design principles and kitchen components effectively.

Only an efficient and experience Indian chef or designer know where exactly to keep the tandoor or dosa Tawa or the Curry range.

Tadkachef has a very highly skilled team of chefs who have more than 15 years of industry experience and who exactly know how to set up an Indian restaurant kitchen, from what kind of flooring you should have, to what kind of drain is best for you.

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7.Restaurant opening help


If you are opening a new Indian restaurant whether it is your first restaurant in your life or its your 10th, the toughest time in an Indian restaurant’s life cycle is the opening time followed by the first 6 months.

All Existing Indian restaurant owners and Head Chefs would agree with this one single point, doesn’t matter how many Curry chefs or Assistant Curry Chefs work in the kitchen the food gets delayed , that can’t be completely fixed unless you have a trial and error run for a week or 2 but we can do damage control by employing more talented and skilled Chefs.

Click below, if you need tadkachef to help you with the restaurant opening.

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8.Need a full team

Need a whole kitchen & Dining room staff for a new restaurant, Sure TadkaChef will help you with a new team.

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9.Need an Indian chef for an organization like Flight catering, Wedding halls, Big banquets or a Star hotel


If you are looking for an experienced Indian chef with an experience in American, Italian etc. to work at your reputed organization like ,

  • Flight Catering services.
  • Wedding halls or a Big Banquet.
  • Star Hotels.
  • Corporate Kitchens.

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