Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is TadkaChef?

TadkaChef is America's No 1 Indian restaurant job portal where Indian restaurant owners can connect with 7000 plus Indian Chefs, Waiters, and Restaurant employees. Tadka Chef is Created by a team of experienced Indian Chefs who’s vision is to solve Indian restaurant staffing problem.

TadkaChef is a two way bridge between the Indian restaurant employees and the Indian restaurant owners, Tadka Chef helps the Indian Chefs get a job ASAP.

What do I get for my $$?

For the $$ you pay, will take your job post to more than 7000 Indian restaurant chefs, Waiters & other staff and try to help you get a hire ASAP.

What if all the 7000 plus people call me to apply for the job?’s automated system contacts potential chefs/employees on multiple phases and regulate to make sure you get the right candidates who match your requirements,Chefs can only apply for the job through SMS or and they won’t have the access to call you directly.

Only after you contacted them for the first time they will be able to get in touch with you through’s phone number and they won’t have access to your personal mobile number.

How does that work?

TadkaChef’s automated tool will trigger you a SMS with a link each time when 5 candidates responds, After you call all the 5 candidates you receive another SMS asking if you have already found your match and only if you didn’t find a suitable employee you will receive the next SMS with next 5 candidates.

That is to make sure value your time and will make sure you don’t waste your time on calling 100’s of chefs/employees to hire one candidate.

I have multiple Indian restaurants, Do you have a corporate plan?

If you own Multiple restaurants you can sign up for the monthly plan where you pay $$ recurring fee and a discounted $$ fee for each hire.

How many number of candidates can I get for a single job post?

You can get up to a maximum of 25 matches per job post.

What if I didn’t find a right chef from that 25 matches ?

If you didn’t find the right candidate, contact us , will verify and get back to you.

Do I get my money back if I didn’t find the right candidate? charges restaurants for the usage of tool for job posts, doesn’t guarantee a hire.

What is the refund policy?

For single Job posts there are no refunds.

For monthly subscription plans, refunds are only applicable to business accounts for up to 6 months of inactivity.

How long is my job post active and what happens after that ?

Your Job post will be active for 15 days from the day you post.

Is my information safe with ? is 100 times more safer than a WhatsApp or Facebook groups. is a very safe and secured Website, we build the website with your information safety in mind, data is protected with the most advanced technologies in the industry.

Does do employee background verification, work eligibility verification etc. ?

No. doesn’t do background verification, work eligibility or any kind of verification. just provides an easy to use tool which makes the Indian restaurant hiring easy, Its employers responsibility to do the all kind of verification.

How long should a Chef/employee serve notice period ?

In general most restaurants have a 1 week notice period. But It’s a matter of discussion between the Chef/Employee and the owner, Please discuss about the notice period very clearly before you hire and the chef/employee start travelling to the job location.

How about the catering money?

In general most restaurants pay a 10% incentive for catering orders more than $ 200 for the whole kitchen team . But It’s a matter of discussion between the Chef/Employee and the owner, Please discuss about the catering money very clearly before you hire and the chef/employee start travelling to the job location.

What if the chef/employee promise to work for a different salary amount in the phone call and ask me to pay a different salary amount after he work for a week ?

Please discuss about the salary amount very clearly with the Chef/Employee before he start traveling to the business location, will not involve in any disputes between an Indian chef and a Restaurant owner, but you can definitely report the incident in the contact us page,’s automated system will make a note of the incident and use it in the future hiring.

How do I pay the salary if I hire a Chef/Employee thru ?

You pay the salary the same way you pay now.

The restaurant owner will pay the Chef/Employee directly as usual. So while talking to the Chef/Employee over the phone before he travel to the new job location , talk about the salary part clearly.

Does take care of payroll?

No. doesn’t take care of the payroll for now. just provides an amazing hiring tool for the Indian restaurant.

Does arranges accommodation for my employees?

No. Almost all Indian restaurants provide accommodation in general except few metro cities like LA, NYC etc.

Each restaurant business and locations are unique and when you post a job in the website there is a question about the accommodation info on it, recommends the restaurant owners to talk those terms clearly with chefs/employees over the phone before they travel to the new job location.

I’m looking to hire a chef directly from India. Does help me with that ?

No. will connects you with the chef/employees who live and work in the USA now.

I want to do the talking and hire for me, instead of me directly talking and hiring?

If you want to do the talking and hire for you click here

We need an Indian chef with a good reputation for our organization like Flight catering, Wedding hall service, Big banquets or a Star hotel ?

Yes will do a specialty hire for you click here

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